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The history of the company Furnex has begun mid-1996 from a small carpentry workshop for the production of furniture and interior design. At the very start we decided that our main job would be production. With several smaller machines, a couple of capable hands, clear vision of quality the carpentry workshop Furnex has developed into a distinctive company in the local market in the next two or three years. 2005, the year of decision, passed in the expansion inside the company. With the construction of new commercial and production space, the company has got the possibility of expansion and reorganization of the existing production capacities. Today the company Furnex GROUP operates as a modern production and design company that specializes in designing and manufacturing of construction and interior carpentry, furniture and furnishing. We proudly point out that our experience of two and a half decades gives us the right to set new standards and meet the most demanding needs of our customers at home and abroad.