In this part of the process you come in. Here you express your wishes to the designer regarding the type and appearance of furniture that you need, your lifestyle and way of life and in general everything that could help in the elaboration of the idea. Space planning will follow, after the introduction, by methods of modern living, where your wishes will be converted to functionality and your lifestyle to modern furniture design. Certainly the help of the professional in the planning will contribute for the use of furniture to be fast, easy and enjoyable.
The design work of our modern furniture is done by educated and trained professionals - architects and designers. Design is done in computer programs. Our advantages from the use of this software are: changes to the project during the interview, fast material selection and prompt changes of decor, 3D view of your furniture, fast offer - you get the exact price in short time. The final, main design will have all the details of your new furniture specified, as well as delivery and installation deadlines. The next step is MEASUREMENT.
This operation, the measurement, certainly bears a large part of the correctness of the entire design. If a professional takes measurements of your space, the possibility of errors is reduced. Our designers are trained to professionally take measures and use the laser meter. The measurement is fast, accurate and precise. After measurement all measures and installations are entered into a design which serves as a starting point for the development of cutting lists. Also our designers, when taking measures, may offer possible solutions for the installation if the apartment is in renovation or execution phase.
In order to achieve the main goal - quality custom - it was necessary to invest in machinery and masters (our employees) and to choose appropriate materials to meet our philosophy of modern furniture production - the quality at any price. The first part was a lot easier because we have set up the production on modern industrial machines and thus ensured a constant quality of modern furniture production. The second part has been in progress from the moment we decided to make modern furniture and has not finished. By constantly investing in our employees, in training for machine operators, training on products used in the production and installation, we managed to create a team that is constantly improving and following the development of the furniture industry. Third but no less important part is the selection of materials (brands) that modern furniture is made from. Here we were able to isolate only the best and we choose the three world-renowned manufacturers of plate materials - Kaindl, Egger and FunderMax, the best manufacturer of fittings for furniture that gives soul to the modern furniture - Blum and we made everything complete with equipment for the kitchen of the German manufacturer Blanco.
We provide delivery of modern furniture to your address so you would not have to think "How do we bring the furniture, how do we bring it into the home?” From the very beginning of the process, even during the measurement, our professionals have noticed the situation and eliminated such failures by design. Installation does not involve connecting the appliances to the electrical and plumbing installation (oven, hob, refrigerator, exhaust hood, dishwasher, taps ...) because in that case the manufacturer's warranty for appliances ceases to be valid. It is necessary to call professional installers to connect the appliances. We can help you with that and you can schedule the connection of installations through us. Installation can take 1-3 days depending on the complexity of the furniture.
We are proud of our FIVE YEARS service. It is the result of the five year warranty that we give for our modern furniture. What does it all mean? This means that we will deal with the possible problems you may have with the furniture in a very short period and all according to the terms of use and maintenance as well as to the product certificates that we use in our products. The deadline for modern furniture production is 30 days from the date of signing the contract and a free service runs from the moment of completion of the installation and for the next five years. The original warranty from the manufacturer is given for the built-in appliances.